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ER Mailer from Spring
Dearest Chalupas,

Everyone is doing such a great job writing!  I have a leetle pressie for y'all. I've made 3 word documents and one Excel document with all the names of the ER production people and the names of the NBC and WB contact stuff as well. That comes to 17 separate names you can write to. I've made envelopes and letters in word and all you need to do is go and download the word files.  This of course requires that you have Windows Word and a printer that will spit out envelopes.

Further explanation is one the web site, so without further ado you can download the files at:

ER Mail Page

Let's mail some letters!

Oh and I forgot, A GREAT BIG THANKS TO LEN (hugin_len) for his help! I couldn't have done it without you man!

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