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Elizabeth Avatars
On the Chalupa Discussion Board you may add a picture to your name.   Look through the Avatars (pictures) on this page.  Underneath each picture is the code you need to copy.  After you have copied the code for the picture you want  (highlight, right click, copy or Apple-C on Macs), go to Update Profile page and scroll down to the Avatar section.  Paste the code into the appropriate place (avatar, not signature).  Once you have done that, hit submit at the bottom of the page and your new Avatar should appear the next time you post.
Note:  Do not link directly to the pictures on this site, they won't load properly.  Use the codes provided instead.

 EM McCartney                     EM Ice Cream
http://webphotos.com/member/8957/140440_t.gif        http://webphotos.com/member/8957/140441_t.gif

 EM Black                            EM Blue
http://webphotos.com/member/8957/140458_t.jpg    http://webphotos.com/member/8957/140456_t.jpg

 EM Head shot                  EM Gia
http://webphotos.com/member/8957/140454_t.jpg    http://webphotos.com/member/8957/140453_t.jpg

 EM Plaid                            EM Head shot 2
http://webphotos.com/member/8957/140457_t.jpg    http://webphotos.com/member/8957/140455_t.jpg

 EM Beast Blue                        EM Beast
http://www.webphotos.com/member/8957/142591.jpg    http://www.webphotos.com/member/8957/142592_t.jpg

 EM Beast 2                                  EM Beast 3
http://www.webphotos.com/member/8957/142593_t.jpg   http://www.webphotos.com/member/8957/142594_t.jpg

 EM Nurse Betty                          EM Chair
http://webphotos.com/member/8957/147398_t.jpg     http://webphotos.com/member/8957/151084_t.jpg

 Kim's Head                    Kim in Kitchen
http://webphotos.com/member/8957/150538_t.jpg    http://webphotos.com/member/8957/150539_t.jpg

 Alice Leather                    Alice
http://webphotos.com/member/8957/154399_t.jpg    http://webphotos.com/member/8957/153926_t.jpg

 EM Frequency                  EM Frequency
http://webphotos.com/member/8957/165461_t.jpg       http://webphotos.com/member/8957/165460_t.jpg

 EM Frequency Old                  EM JAG
http://webphotos.com/member/8957/165462_t.jpg      http://webphotos.com/member/8957/165484_t.jpg

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