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Married Women Who Love Women
by Carren Strock
The book read by Laura Innes in prep for Kerry Weaver's journey. You can read about her prepartion in the GayHealth.com article.

Tipping the Velvet
by Sarah Waters
Salon.con says: the heroine begins soaked in brine and ends soaked in sex...

The Passion
by Jeannette Winterson
Supposedly Gwenyth Paltrow said she would only do a film adapation of this novel if Juliette Binoche played her lover.

Curious Wine
by Katherine V. Forrest

Djuna Barnes

Fall on Your Knees
by Ann-Marie MacDonald

Slow River and Ammonite
by Nicola Griffith

Watchtower and Northern Girl
by Elizabeth Lynn

Trouble and Her Friends
by Melissa Scott

The Female Man
Joanna Russ

Fighting Fire
Caroline Paul

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