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Where the Heart Is
ER Season 7, episode 21
By wigbee

Previously on ER, a marital problem-plagued Carla fell and needed surgery. Cleo volunteered to care for Reese, and although Carla disapproved, Benton brought Reese to stay with Cleo and himself. Weaver supported Chen for Chief Resident, and Chen told Weaver she was pregnant. Kim rejected Kerry's Chinese Food peace offering. An apathetic judge released Maggie on her own recognizance, and Abby disapproved. Maggie showed up on Abby's doorstep instead of going to a shelter. Kim looked hot.

Before Work

Cleo and Reese play together; they both appear to have a grand old time. Benton readies himself for work and bitches at Cleo for giving Reese strawberries instead of cereal. He mentions that Reese’s baby-sitter will be there soon. Cleo tells Benton she canceled that, because she has the day off and can care for Reese. Benton hesitates and reminds Cleo that Reese needs constant attention. Cleo assures Benton she's capable and a pediatrician to boot. Benton reluctantly agrees and makes his way to the door. Cleo signs to Reese to tell Daddy he'll see him at the softball game. Benton grimaces but Cleo looks hot so he caves and says he has to stop by Carla's first to pick up a jacket for Reese. Cleo volunteers, but Peter insists he'll go to Carla's. Then he gets some sugar from his fine lady, Cleo, and goes to work.

Abby and Maggie walk together in the park. Maggie enthusiastically discusses how sessions with Legaspi and walks with Abby help her feel more alive than she has in years. Awe yeah sessions with Legaspi could do that. Maggie prods Abby to spend more time with Luka and not so much with her. Maggie thinks Luka is a good man, and so is Carter she adds coyly. Abby shrugs the Luka vs. Carter comment off. Maggie goes on about how she knows about men being interested in women and about how Abby is lucky to have 2 good men interested in her. This scene almost heads the way of those old mother/daughter douche commercials, but luckily Abby doesn't want to talk Summer's Eve, and cuts off the conversation. Maggie pushes a bit and asks Abby why they don't talk about the important things. Abby denies this at first, but stammers her way out of the conversation. Maggie says that Kim has suggested that Abby join them for a therapy session. Abby literally runs away without really answering Maggie.

Weaver crutches up to a door with an envelope in her hand. As she reaches for the mail slot, a short brunette in a jogging suit opens the door. She greets Kerry with a pleasant enough "Hi, can I help you?" Kerry looks crushed. Ooh this is Kim's joint. Weaver tells the mystery woman she's just dropping something off. "For Kim? She's in the shower." New lady smirks with a gleam in her eye especially on the word "shower." Kerry makes the connection that this woman is Kim's new main squeeze. OK, jogging suit lady is no redheaded firecracker a la Kerry Weaver. The woman offers to let Kerry in to wait. Oh nice, jogging suit lady! Let a stranger in the house while your new pal showers all naked and vulnerable. Kerry turns to leave, stammering no, she'll "pass on the note" later. Pass the note? What in study hall? Jogging suit offers again to take the note and give it to Kim. A crestfallen Kerry declines and flees away in horror. Poor Kerry. Poor me. Credits please. Please.

On the Job

Mark sneaks a nap at work. Chen wakes him and they talk about lack of sleep and babies. An impatient EMT grabs Mark and drops off an agitated kid. Abby offers to help. A neighbor of the boy has brought him in because he burnt his hands in a trash can fire. The neighbor seems sick of this kid, Ben, hanging around, and tells Mark that Ben just lives with his dad, but pop wasn't around. Ben fusses and yells for everybody to shut up and leave him alone. BurntHands Ben is a little ray of sunshine.

Dave asks Randi if she sees him in a Beamer or a Porsche. Randi wisecracks that mostly she sees him walking. Hee. Dave asks Carter about the Beamer, and Carter jokes that it's out of his league. Dave says a few months moonlighting at a "doc in the box," should cover the down payment. Dave reminds Carter about the softball game, and chats it up at the front desk. Weaver interrupts Dave's gabfest and snarls at him to get his car-shopping ass in gear.

Weaver asks Carter if they can talk, so they head to the Dr.'s lounge, Chen pours herself some coffee and she and Carter exchanges pleasantries. Carter seems rather smug and assured that Weaver has brought him there for good news. Weaver asks Chen to leave. Kerry hands Carter back his Chief Resident application and lets him know that he should take himself out of the running. He seems shocked that Weaver hasn't brought him there to blow sunshine up his ass. Instead, Weaver reminds him of his rehab and relapse, and she explains to him that Chief Resident presents amazing challenges and time constraints and he really shouldn't compromise his recovery. Carter arrogantly doesn't see this as a risk and thinks he's invincible. Weaver remains stern but polite as Carter continues to dispute her points. Kerry, dude just tells him, “Shut up Gamma’s boy. You finished rehab less than a year ago, and relapsed less than 6 months ago, so quit acting so entitled and victimized.” Instead, Weaver tough loves him and asks him if he really thought he's even make it passed the 1st round.

Burnthands Ben yells some more at Greene and Abby. Greene tries to prompt Ben to talk about how he hurt his hands. Abby leaves to fetch a burn kit. The neighbor explains how Ben plays alone a lot and probably started the fire himself. Ben tells the neighbor to shut up. Frustrated neighbor says Ben's dad always leaves him alone, and she's sick of Ben hanging around her kids.

Abby and Luka bump into each other in the hall. Luka tells Abby they need a second-base man for the softball game tonight. She declines. He says she doesn't have to be great it is just for fun. She tells him she plays well, but doesn't want to play. He gives her a friendly, “come on.” Abby refuses because she has to be with Maggie. Luka suggests that one night away from Maggie won't be such a bad thing. He tells Abby that he misses her, and he tries a suave and debonair hug, but it comes out this awkward headbut thing. It reminds me of when Kim tries to kiss Kerry good-bye after their first night of lady lovin’, but Kerry ducks out. Maybe Luka is a lesbian? Come to think of it, he does wear purple shirts a lot.

Chen asks about Carter's talk with Weaver. Carter feels like he has a scarlet A on him. Is that, A for addict, or A for asshole? You be the judge. Naw I like me some Carter, but man, you need more time off the junk before people give you power position jobs OK? Carter tells Chen she's a shoe-in for the position since he's out of the running.

Benton shows up at Carla's to fetch Reese’s jacket. Carla Reese plays bampchickabampbamp music in the background. Benton tries to get the hell out quick, but Carla asks him to stay, and she pouts about her man problems. She mewls that Roger said he never loved her as she sidles up closer to Benton. Prepared to chew off his arm if necessary, Peter inches away. Carla goes all Wanda from In Living Color on Peter, and purrs "Heeeey, I'm a rock your world. Aaaaye." Peter immediately rejects her advances and stands up. His cell phone rings, and its Cleo. She calls to suggest he bring some deli to the softball game for a picnic. Carla gives Cleo the stink eye over the phone. Peter doesn't let on to Cleo that Carla just tried to ride his jock, but he really sounds irritated. While Cleo looks away for about 2 seconds, Reese slams his hand in the piano. Cleo shouts, "Reese!" and Benton hears this on the other end. He asks what happened, but Cleo throws the phone down to rush to Reese’s aid. Carla and Benton book out of there.

Carter and Chen take Dave to school on a neck pain patient and some x-rays. Undaunted, Dave goes back to his patient. Weaver asks to see Chen, and Carter wishes her luck. Weaver says Chen’s maternity leave put her 3 months behind on procedures. Chen says she's making it all up and doing over time. Weaver tells Chen she shouldn't work more than 60 hours a week, and given the upcoming deadline there seems no way for Chen to make up for lost time. Weaver does her perfunctory, I'm sorry rules are rules speech, and Chen appears to accept this info at first, but obviously has some whoop ass left over from last week, and she goes off on Kerry. She accuses Weaver of being sexist and discriminatory. Weaver looks surprised and a little hurt by Chen’s outburst. Chen declares, "I had a baby. I made a responsible and legal decision." Chen continues that that she made a big sacrifice for her career reminds Kerry that she all but offered her the position before the pregnancy. Chen asserts that she wants to be considered. Weaver softly says that she appreciates Chen’s thoughts and will take them under advisement. Chen affirmatively tells Kerry, "I hope you would."

Abby tends to Burnthands Ben and he tries to grab her boob. Greene comes in and discovers more bruises and cuts on Ben. Burnthands makes lame excuses for the injuries. Mark and Abby exchange a knowing glance that indicates they suspect abuse.

Ep 21’s Whole Lotta Kim-fest begins

Admit desk. Dave talks about his tasty ride on the phone. The presence of Kerry cuts the conversation short. Weaver barks at him about getting back to work. She shouts after him that he's a resident and can't afford a car. Legaspi appears out of nowhere, she smiles a little at the site of Weaver all dominatrixin’ over Dave. Weaver sees her there and instantly walks the other way. Kim follows and asks what the scene with Dave was about. Kerry softly comments "false sense of job security." Kim walks with Kerry and quips that there's a lot of that going around. Kerry finally stops walking and faces Kim. Legaspi asks Kerry about her visit that morning. Kerry lies and says she stopped by on a whim. Kim must be thinking, "Oh yeah Weaver, with a written out note?" Kim says that "Lori" told her about the note Kerry didn't leave, Kerry's face cringes at the word, "note." Sorry Kerry, Kim knows about the note. Whim my ass. Kerry practically whispers it didn't seem like the right time. Kim morphs into psychiatrist mode and tells Kerry she understands why she would feel that way. Kerry asks how long Lori's been in the picture. Kim just says "not long." Like last night because of alcohol, Kim? Anyway Kim realizes it must be painful for Kerry. Kerry turns to leave again and obviously lies and says; "I’ m fine. No, it's fine." Fine my ass. Kim still follows her, but Luka interrupts with a form for Kerry to sign. Kim ducks out at the arrival of Luka and quietly wishes Kerry to take care of herself. Luka apologizes for the interruption. Kerry tells him he didn't interrupt. Luka asks, "Is everything all right with you two?" Kerry goes blank. He knows. Must be gaydar. I really think he's a lesbian.

Abby catches Kim in the hallway. She asks Legaspi about her mom's therapy. Kim curtly tells Abby she can't discuss her mother's therapy, touches Abby's arm and walks away. Hey touchy feely Kim is back. Abby reminds Kim about her suggestion to attend one of Maggie's sessions. Kim softens and tells Abby she thinks it would be mutually beneficial. Abby sarcastically says, "yeah" and asks what to expect from one these sessions. Kim assures her it won't be an ambush. Abby has to throw in that Maggie lies a lot. Kim doesn't take the bait to talk smack about her patient. With a little smile, she tells Abby that they meet at 1:00 and she doesn't have to be there if she doesn't want. Mitchell and Maura T play this scene nicely as their characters begin to size each other up. Both analyze the other and her role with Maggie. Nice acting, and well, they're hot.

Shut Up Carla…

Cleo sits with Reese on a hospital bed. An ice-pack covers one of Reese’s hands, but otherwise he seems fine. Cleo signs to him a hearty apology and gives him a big hug and kiss. Carla barges in with Peter in tow. Carla flits over to the bed, wailing, "Oh my baby!!!" Carla “the refrigerator Perry” stiff-arms Cleo away from Reese’s bedside. Cleo tells Benton and Carla that Reese broke his 5th metacarpal, and must wear a cast for 6-8 weeks. Carla howls like a wart hog that Reese won't be able to sign. Apparently neither can Carla, because Mother of the Year doesn't sign to her deaf son once in this scene. Cleo apologizes profusely and leaves the room.

Carla follows her and starts bitching about Reese needing special care. Her voice grows louder and shriller as she berates Cleo about all the horrible things that could have happened. Carla forgets that she fell with Reese while wearing big-ass chunky heel shoes. Cleo apologizes again, and Carla grabs Cleo's hands and tells her to stay away from Reese. Benton breaks in, but he doesn't defend Cleo. He puts his back to Cleo and tries to calm Carla, but she escalates to yelling that she doesn't want "That Bitch" near her son. Benton guides Carla back in the room and asks Cleo to give them a moment. Then he closes the door in her face. Cleo looks devastated…and hot.

Kerry approaches Luka in the ambulance bay. He tells her two people in a hit and run will arrive in about 5 minutes. Kerry looks funny, like she might, cry, vomit or pee her pants. Maybe all of the above. Luka continues to talk about the patients on their way. He says "it's like waiting for the thunder after the lightening." Kerry finally speaks, but it's not about the patients. "Dr. Legaspi and I…." Wow this looks really hard for her. "I'll ended." Luka says he's sorry and asks if something changed. Weaver says yes. Luka asks Kerry if she loves Kim. She doesn't answer. I mean it took her 6 months to say, "Legaspi and I…. It ended." She's not going to say the "L" word. She doesn't have to say it though, the look of Legaspianism is written all over her face. Luka pats Kerry's arm and tells her she must move forward, not back. I'm convinced that Luka really is a lesbian now.

The ambulance arrives with a 50-year-old male with a femur fracture. Luka stays with him, and we find out his name is Jim. Kerry goes to the other rig and meets the passenger. She is a developmentally delayed woman, who loves riding in the rig. The woman won't tell Kerry or the EMT her name, but she says she's "Jimmy's sister." She appears to be OK, other than a nasty cut on her forehead. Kerry talks to her kindly and coaxes her out of the rig.

Luka treats Jim. He screams from the pain, but still manages to ask about Bonnie. Kerry figures out that he means the lady in the rig, his sister. Kerry asks Jim if Bonnie suffers any health problems in addition to her developmental delay. Jim tells her no.

Abby shows up to Kim's office, doesn't knock and walks in on Maggie's session. Yikes! Kim's office scares me. The clutter. The clashing art styles. OK, the Degas dancer statue redeems a little, but Kim sits with a blanket on her legs. I guess the writers want us to know she's conflicted and in need of comfort. Either that or she has weird taste and keeps her office cold. Anyway Abby sits down as Kim assures her that it's not unusual to feel awkward entering somebody else's therapy. Kim prompts Maggie to inform Abby about her plans. Maggie tells Abby that she wants to go home to Minnesota where she grew up. Abby scoffs right away. She jabs "who will you stay with?" Maggie bobs, "a friend," Abby swings, "what friends?" Maggie weaves, "Gina." Maggie says she can find a job and an apartment with no roomies and no men. I see, a few sessions with Legaspi ad Maggie swears off men. Maggie has a well thought out plan but Abby doubts and challenges every part of it.

Kim turns the tables on Abby, and in her best psych voice and wiggy psych eyebrows, asks Abby what she objects to. Abby basically has heard this all before and doesn't think anything will work. Kim presses Abby a little about what she thinks Maggie might do instead. Abby has no answers. She finally concedes there might not be any solution at all. Abby huffs out of the office, conceding that Maggie has to do something, why not go home?

Mark meets with Burnthand’s dad. Greene reveals that he's waiting for a psychiatrist to talk with Ben. Dad doesn't like this one bit. Mark tells him that he finds the bruises on Ben disturbing. Mark holds firm and says the psych visit won't take long. Mark doesn't irritate me at all in this scene.

Chen stitches up Bonnie’s head Lac. Bonnie reveals that her parents went away in a car crash. Chen asks if her parents died, but Bonnie doesn't answer her. Bonnie tells Chen about going to the park everyday with Jimmy. Chen finds out that Jimmy is Bonnie’s only remaining family.

Kerry, Luka and blonde lesbonic-vibe nurse attempt to find out where Jimmy's internal bleeding is coming from. Jimmy keeps asking about Bonnie. He says if he is laid up than nobody can take care of her. Jimmy's pain grows more intense.

Drs. Lounge: Benton lays the "I told you so" routine on Cleo about Reese. She apologizes yet again, and tells Peter he is behaving as if she hurt Reese on purpose. Peter apologizes for Carla's behavior, but not his own. Cleo walks away, quietly but angrily telling Peter, that nobody calls her a bitch. Yeah Peter, way to defend your girlfriend.

Bonnie wanders the hall looking for her brother. Weaver asks Chen to escort Bonnie back to an exam room. Luka, Lydia and Lez nurse rush by. Lukas, and Lydias and LezNurse oh my. Lukas, and Lydias and LezNurse oh my. They pass by Bonnie, and we find out Jimmy has crashed. Chen leads Bonnie away, but they can see Jimmy in the next room. Weaver calls in Chen in to assist.

Mark and Kim look at Burnthands Ben's x-rays. Kim giggles at the tinyness of Ben's little hands. She remembers back to when her hands looked that small: sometime around 6 months old. Kim identifies a fracture on Burnthands wrist. Mark sticks with his abuse theory, and Kim offers other explanations, like Ben denies the abuse and doesn't remember getting some of the injuries. Greene persists and tells Kim nobody forget getting those kinds of bruises. They work nicely together. They respectfully disagree, then the more experienced Mark asserts himself and Kim listens. They don't behave all arrogant and high and mighty. Initially, I expect a bitch fest, but Mark almost seems, mentorish here. Gulp. I think I like mark in this scene too.

Jimmy fades fast. Bonnie watches as Kerry, Luka, Chen and lez nurse scramble to save him. Lydia closes the blinds so Bonnie can't see anymore.

Carter and Abby stroll outside in an "“on location in Chicago" shot. Abby muses to Carter about her session with Legaspi and Mom. She doesn't understand why Kim is on her mother's side now when a week ago she wanted her committed. Abby sounds ornery. Carter doesn't think its about sides, but Abby feels that way. Carter pep talks her that Maggie wants therapy for the first time in 10 years. He tells Abby she can either hope or give up. Abby says she doesn't know what she wants to do. Carter asks her if any plan of Maggie's could make her happy. She admits her doubts for all things Maggie at this point. Carter shifts gears to his favorite topic: himself. He tells Abby how Weaver put the smack down on his chances for Chief Resident. Abby feels bad. Carter thinks some people will never get over his addiction. Well they might if you give them more than a year with a relapse thrown in there. The both feel bad for the other. I feel bad for Luka and Maggie since Abby talks to Carter more than to them.

Break Out the Kleenex

Jimmy has been down for 35 minutes and Weaver whips the internal paddles out. Bonnie wanders in the room as Weaver paddles Jimmy. The paddles scare Bonnie and she begs Kerry to stop. Lydia takes Bonnie to the next room. Despite their best efforts, the doctors are unable to save Jimmy. Sad ER piano music wells up in the background as Kerry calls the time of death. She asks Luka to sew Jimmy up. Lez nurse hands Kerry her crutch, and slowly mouths "I love you!" as Kerry leaves to talk to Bonnie. Chen follows and asks Weaver if she'd like her to talk to Bonnie too. Without hesitation, Weaver answers yes.

They enter the room with Bonnie and Lydia. Bonnie nervously says she wants to leave the hospital and go home with Jimmy. Lydia leaves Bonnie with Kerry and Chen. Chen holds Bonnie’s hand as Weaver softly tells Bonnie that her brother was very hurt and could not recover. Bonnie doesn't understand. "Cover?" she asks. Weaver simplifies, "he couldn't get better." Bonnie still doesn't get it. Kerry spells it out for her and tells her that her brother died. Chen asks Bonnie if she understands. Bonnie equates the word, "dies" with her hamster Ernie. She buried Ernie. Weaver says that Jimmy won't be with her anymore like Ernie. Bonnie says she bought another hamster, Ernie 2. Chen steps in and explains that Jimmy went away like her parents went away. Bonnie breaks down and says that its library night and she gets scared at night. Weaver tells Bonnie that she has to be very brave. Bonnie asks, "Where's Jimmy?" Day-yam this woman playing Bonnie almost makes me cry.

Legaspi finds Abby in the DR's Lounge. She tells Abby that she's been looking for her. Abby asks a little snappishly if she's in trouble. Legaspi clarifies that she doesn't usually do this but she thinks Abby should give Maggie another chance. Abby says she did that today. Kim tells her she started to but ran away. Abby reiterates that she's heard this all 100 times before and why should this time be different? Kim offers that Maggie embraces therapy now for the first time in 10 years. Abby doesn't see that as a positive. OK I'm beginning to think Abby is jaded. Just a hunch. Kim uses her soft therapy voice to suggest that Abby talk to her mother before she goes. If Maggie leaves without this big talk, neither of them would be happy. Abby doesn't think that happy is on the table. Kim simply asks her "Why not?" Abby protests that she's not the one in therapy. Kim gently says, "fair enough" and retreats. Abby catches her before she goes and says she'll consider what Kim said.

Weaver tells Adele the social worker about Bonnie, she has the mind of a 7-year-old and no relatives. Adele says the beds are filled up at private facilities, and the best she can do is place Bonnie in a group home. Chen and Weaver groan at the option, but Adele assures them there's nothing else she can do unless one of them cares to take Bonnie home. Adele adds that Weaver and Chen must arrange transport because nobody at the group home can pick up Bonnie. They think the situation sucks. So do I.

Greene takes Adele away from Chen and Weaver to tend to Burnthands Ben, Dad gets really pissed off when Greene and Adele break it to him that they suspect him of abuse and they plan to take Burnthands Ben away for a few days to investigate. Dad freaks out and claims Burnthands Ben just fights a lot and Burnthands Ben obediently agrees. Dad picks up his son and tries to leave. Adele calls security and they hold back Dad as Greene carries the boy away. Burnthands Ben screams for his dad.

Abby comes home to find Maggie cooking in domestic bliss. Maggie asks Abby to go play softball with Luka. Crabby Abby declines all her mom's attempts at niceties. Abby tells Maggie she ran from the session because she's afraid to hope. Maggie understands that she might not make it, but she has to try. She realizes she doesn't want to die and she never wants her daughter to see her die. I pause the VCR and grab some Kleenex. OK, Abby and Maggie start to lose it as mother tells daughter that she wants to manage her life so Abby can get back to her own. Abby can't keep using her mom as an excuse anymore. Abby says it isn't so easy. Maggie challenges her and says to get married. Abby says she was married. Maggie continues, "Get pregnant!" Abby cracks, "I was pregnant." Abby cries as she tells her mother she had an abortion. Maggie comforts her. Abby tells her mom she had an abortion because some people aren't meant to be mothers. Maggie assures Abby that she's not bipolar, Abby says the baby might be, Maggie says the baby might not be as well, Maggie continues that it wouldn't matter because you just love the child. Abby goes on about her fears of becoming like her mother or taking care of another bipolar person. Abby never told her ex-husband about the pregnancy or abortion, and that was the beginning of the end because they stopped talking, Maggie tells Abby she has to take risks or she'll miss out on all the wonderful things and that she deserves the wonderful things.

Weaver brings Bonnie to a cab. Bonnie wants to go home, and Kerry explains she can't go home alone. Bonnie misses Jimmy and she wants her old home, not a new one. Bonnie asks for her favorite blanket and Weaver looks helpless. Kerry seems very maternal in this scene. She looks like she wants to take Bonnie home herself instead of putting her in a cab. She zips up Bonnie's jacket and calls her sweetie. Bonnie cries and pleads some more as Weaver closes the door and the cab drives away. I feel glad I live alone, so nobody sees me crying over a TV show.

After Work: Batter, Batter, SO-wing Batter

Abby shows up to the softball game after all. Luka greets her in a funny looking soccer shirt, ripped jeans and backwards baseball cap. Maggie is there too and tells Luka that Abby was an all star softball player. He seems impressed Abby compliments Luka on hat and grabs a bat because she's up next.

Through the glass we see Pornhands Kim talking to Burnthands Ben. She exits the room commenting to Mark about Ben's colorful vocabulary. Mark lets Kim know that tests show nasty fractures on Ben's wrists. Kim tells Mark that he was right, and he wistfully tells her "pin a rose on me."

Kerry catches Kim as Mark heads into Ben's room. This time Kim keeps walking and Kerry follows. Kerry hands Kim "the note." Kim asks what it is, and Kerry answers in her whispery high voice of sadness that the note describes how she feels about things and how she feels about Kim. She never told Kim these things and maybe it doesn't matter anymore, but she just wants Kim to know. Kim puts on a poker face and simply says, "Okay." Damn I think a new drinking game is in order. Every time Kim says "okay," take a drink. She says, "okay" to end a conversation 3-4 times in this episode.

Back to the game. Abby hits a homer as Maggie cheers loudly. Abby runs the bases, she's no Flo-Jo, but she makes it home anyway. Abby sits with Maggie in the bleachers as Luka steps to the plate. Maggie yells batting instructions to the fumbling Luka. Maggie says he's cute, but he's no Micky Mantle. Maggie thanks Abby for bringing her and they huddle happily in the bleachers. Happy piano music of ER joy swells up in the background as Luka swings and connects. He hits a foul ball, but still runs like a banshee around the bases anyway. Maggie et al yell it's a foul ball, but Luka still runs. He looks extremely dorky, as Maggie yells, "Run Forrest Run." Fade to black.

Sidebars: Not So Deep Thoughts

Thanks to my coworker Barry for the jpg! OK, Carla sucks. Cleo is hot. Weaver will pick Chen for Chief Resident, because after Chen’s sassy protest, Weaver and Chen worked together the whole episode. I normally love Carter, but didn't like him in this episode. Conversely, I actually liked Mark a lot this week. Luka is getting nicer and I thought he was sweet to Weaver. The Bonnie story made me cry over network TV for the first time since, OK I'll admit it, since Dylan McCay’s wife got shot on 90210 like 5 years ago. This episode was Kim-fest 2001, and at first I thought she was being kind of bitchy, but when watching again to write the recap, she seems to be more hurt and cautious than bee-otch like. In the scene where Kerry asks about, Lori, Kim visibly winces whenever Kerry closes up. Lori is just a rebound and/or a drunken mistake. Oh, and I miss Haleh, but I understand she's busy on another big project.

Most importantly I'm glad I grabbed that box of Kleenex.