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Fear of Commitment
ER Season 7, episode 20
By wigbee

Welcome to my very first recap. This episode jumped around from short scene to short scene and back again quite a bit, so it made my first recap assignment a bit challenging. I hope you all enjoy.

Previously on ER: Laura Innes directed and the episode kicked ass. Abby found out from her ex-husband that Maggie crashed in a hotel in Oklahoma and owed $800 bucks. Abby accepted help from Carter, which pissed of both Rena and Luka. Carter and Abby road tripped it out to Oklahoma, picked up Maggie in their surrey with fringe on top and headed home. Maggie swiped some over the counter meds and overdosed. Luka scowled and helped save Maggie. They put Maggie in a psych hold. Legaspi saw her. Ooh, no wonder why she recovered so quickly.

Save Ferris.  

Benton pulls up to a retirement home to visit his old Jr. High teacher, Mr. Ferris. Remember him? Peter blew up a condom in his class, they bonded and Peter became interested in science. Homo erotic much? As he arrives, former guests, Tom Poston and Tom Bosely appear with a medical bulletin for Benton. Fortunately the Toms' no longer suffer from a raging case of the clap. This time Mr. Ferris needs medical attention, they insist he's had a heart attack. About 5 seconds after Peter reaches Mr. Ferris, an EMT arrives. Ooh its Doris Pickman! Doris and Peter take Ferris into the rig and proceed to County. Not so fast. They hit a dude on a motorcycle, the rig jerks harshly and Peter hurts his wrist. So they chuck motorcycle dude in the back of the rig with Ferris. They head on into County, as we head on into the opening credits.

Maggie's got a secret.

Abby visits Maggie in the psych ward. A woman named Winona, rooms with Maggie. Winona fusses and frets about her cornrows and Maggie guides the psych nurse on how to appease Winona. Ah ha, I see; Maggie isn't as loopy as those other psych patients. Abby explains to Maggie that she's in a 90-day hold, and Maggie seemingly sincere, apologizes for everything.

Even with a sore wrist, Peter super-docs on his 2 patients at once. That tall, blond, lesbonic-vibe nurse hands Luka some medical paraphernalia. Malik's hair looks like a grid of hackey sacks, and Dr. Dave helps out too, his hair looks fine.

Meanwhile at the admit desk, Abby hands Amira a blowup doll that she found in exam 3 (sure Abby). Hubba Hubba then Kim appears on screen for the first time since Witch Hunt. Mmm, she looks good. She also looks busy, but still takes a moment to sneak a peak up the blowup doll's skirt. Legaspi asks Abby why she isn't at her mother's hearing. Abby has no idea what Legaspi is talking about. Legaspi, not very personable, monotones to Abby about her mom having a chance to contest the psych hold, and technically the judge could release her. Abby seems flummoxed but recovers quickly and prepares to haul ass to the courtroom. Kim seems cool and detached. She doesn't behave unprofessionally, but she just doesn't do the touchy feely Kim thing, even with Abby and a blowup doll well within her big, porn handed reach. Strange.

Abby finds Luka with Peter and Mr. Ferris. She takes him aside and huffs about Maggie's hollow apology when she planned to contest the psych hold all along. Luka volunteers to accompany Abby to the hearing. She declines and he asks if she prefers Carter's penis, oops, I mean help instead. Abby doth protest about the mention of Carter. Goran V. does a nice job of mixing rejection, jealousy and concern here. Luka-lament notwithstanding, Abby heads to court without him.

At the front desk, Cleo looks hot and reminds Dave that he still owes money for Greene and Boreday's wedding gift. Cleo mentions that he and Kerry haven't paid up yet. Nobody verbally bitch slaps Cleo for expecting money from the uninvited Weaver. You'd think there'd be a line around the block, but no.

Dave tries to pawn a cranky little old lady onto Chen. Apparently cranky little old lady can't poop, and threatens to mace Dave. Chen says his antics are BS, and he says her mood is PMS. Chen opens up a can of sassy and rips Dave a new one for his constant attempts to hock patients and the sexist PMS comment. Grrrrr Chen.

Romano intrudes on Benton's procedure, and he notices Peter favoring his left hand. Peter lies about the pain, so Romano does a hand check on him. He banishes Peter from the procedure, because even Pete's big, man hands pale in comparison to Legaspi's mega mitts, and Romano just won't have it. The Rocket uses some malpractice excuse, but we know the secret porn hand's connection. As Peter exits the room, a nurse tells him that his wife just came in. Peter craps his pants at the mention of the word "wife." He quickly realizes that the nurse just means Carla.

Carter treats a young women-having trouble with her pregnancy. Hey its Robin Scorpio from General Hospital! In the next bed, Chen tends to a binary numbers nerd who repeats the numbers: 80, 146, 72 and 109 over and over. Those numbers probably hold some trivia significance, like the route numbers to Woodstock, but I'm too lazy to think about it. Carter points out the same exact numbers on the patient monitor. Agents Mulder and Scully show up to comment on the wacky paranormal activity. Well not really, so instead they jump quickly to another scene

Malucci barrels backwards out of a room. He yelps in pain and claws at his eyes. Did he catch Mark and Elizabeth makin' out again? Fortunately for him, no, however cranky little old lady maces him. Kerry hurries in and takes control like Janet Jackson. Her first name ain't baby. Its Kerry, Dr. Weaver if you're nasty. Kerry "Missing the Beaver " Weaver orders Yosh to help Dave and call security.

Weaver trucks in barking orders at Cranky LOL. Over all Weaver looks nice, but she does sport a new hair do hybrid of Dorothy Hamil and Velma from Scooby Do. Zoinks. Naw, it looks fine, I just wanted to say Zoinks at some point. Weaver demands the mace and she recognizes Cranky LOL from somewhere. Say she's not a former first, lady by chance? Cranky LOL reminds Kerry that back in the day they used to drown redheaded babies because they thought they were evil. Kerry tells Cranky LOL they used to burn crazy people. Oh she SO wants to call a psych consult right here. Cranky LOL just grumps that all she wants to do is poop. Weaver looks sympathetic. Obviously Kerry has been bound.

Let's go to court. Abby meets her lawyer, and he sucks. He knows 2 things about Maggie's case: Jack and shit. Maggie's lawyer saunters in. He played Dylan McCay's drug dealer on 90210. If Meredith Steihm keeps her 90210 book out, maybe she'll look up Tiffani Amber Theiseen or Emma Caulfield for guest-lesbians next season? The actor also played Lazlo in the 80's Val Kilmer flic, "Real Genius." Lazlo seems way more in tune with Maggie and the case than Abby's lawyer.

Yay its Reese. Boo, its Carla. Apparently Carla fell carrying Reese. Carla needs ankle surgery, but fortunately Reese only suffers a minor scrape. She asks Benton to perform the surgery. He tells her she needs an orthopedic surgeon, and he's not one. He doesn't add, "Duh!!" Rest assured though, the viewing public takes care of that. Benton points out the idiocy of carrying their son while wearing do-me heels. Carla whines about not getting along with her husband lately and about finding care for Reese while she undergoes surgery. Benton volunteers, but Carla gripes about his living arrangement with Cleo, and how the much better looking Cleo, doesn't seem very good with kids. Benton reminds Carla that Cleo is a pediatrician. Carla licks the back of her hand and pats her hair down. Meow.

Back in court, the long missing Carl DeRaad testifies. Oh sure he shows up for Maggie's hearing but not Kim's in Witch Hunt? Dick. He says Maggie has been much better since her admittance. Abby takes the stand, and some disturbed dude starts protesting loudly. As Abby attempts to testify, the disturbed dude won't stop squawking about it being his turn. He calls Abby a bitch a few times, and they escort him out. Oh, I see another example of Maggie not being nearly as crazy as some people.

Orwell's Anvil Farm

Back to the ER, and we see Weaver again. She tends to a couple of guys in animal costumes. The Possum bit the Kangaroo at some type of animal costume convention. Quick cut to Dr. Dave. Yosh irrigates his eye and Dave whips his shirt off. Is this Homo-erotica night or what? Dave sports a wife beater tank top and quite a nice body actually. Carter gives him a white lab coat and coaxes him to dress more like a doctor. Dave wears the lab coat over the wife beater shirt. Chen giggles at the site of Dave, the tattooed love boy, in his white coat. Carter exits the giggle-fest quickly as he hears Robin Scorpio is bleeding out.

Back in the courtroom: Abby testifies about her life of struggles with Maggie. Luka appears in the courtroom, and Abby smiles briefly. Awe. Abby feels she can't take care of Maggie. Lazlo makes it look like Abby is selfish. Lazlo points out that Maggie fairs well when med-compliant. Abby tries, but Laszlo lawyers real good in this scene.

We find out that Robin Scorpio had an incomplete miscarriage. Robin's vacant boy friend enters the scene. He wants to know what happened. Carter tells him and says they're working on controlling the bleeding.

Kangaroo suit man asks Kerry if a human bite is worse than a dog bite. Kerry says yes because humans carry cootie germs. Roo explains how the scuffle started with Possum. Roo and Possum were scritching (scritching = platonic mock grooming or greeting) at the furries show. Then all of a sudden Possum tried to doggie style Roo, and Roo just found that plain weird. Lots of furvert slang from Roo and puzzled looks from Kerry happen in this dialogue. Yosh assists Kerry to round out the gayness parallel of the scene.

The court house again: Maggie puts her testimony face on. She denies a suicide attempt but admits to the overdose. She makes a weak excuse for not wanting to endure a long car ride. She sounds lame but it looks like the judge buys her line. Abby tries to prompt her lawyer into doing something silly, like objecting and explaining the reality of how many pills Maggie ingested. Judge Moody Judy puts the kibosh on Abby, and her lawyer does nothing at all to help.

Blood soaked rags cover the floor as Carter explains to Robin Scorpio's boyfriend about the miscarriage. Carter goes down the usual list of suspects that might cause such damage. Vacant boyfriend nixes all of these, but confesses that he put miscarriage-inducing herbs in Robin's tea without her knowledge. Carter audibly and visibly shows his disgust as he tsssks and leaves vacant boy amongst the bloody mess.

Kerry wants to admit Cranky LOL and have a gyno look at her. Weaver breaks the news to Cranky LOL that she has cancer. Crankypants says, "Cancer? Everyday comes with its own surprises." With that, Kerry finally recognizes her as Princess Taffeta from a beloved children's show. Cranky LOL balks some more about hospitalization. Kerry asks if there's anybody to call. Cranky goes into this "subtle" story about how there's nobody and we all die alone. Kerry looks like Cranky LOL hit a nerve with that one. I admire Laura Innes for her acting and anvil dodging abilities in this scene.

Miscarriage of justice

During a recess, Abby smokes a butt while the Cowboy Junkies play in the background. Luka tells Abby that Maggie asked for her and that her mom needs her help even if she doesn't want it. Abby brings Maggie lunch. Maggie tries to apologize more, and mentions many times she just can't be locked up, and she has promised herself not to make any more promises. Abby gripes about hearing the same old thing. Maggie tells Abby, "nothing I do is your fault."

Roo tells Kerry about how he came to his furrie ways. He dressed up as a reindeer one year for a Christmas party and everybody loved it. More plushie and furvert words get tossed around. Kerry says, "what?" a lot as she examines his paw under neato infrared or sonar lights. Roo waxes anvils about knowing people disapprove, but he's never happier than when he's a kangaroo.

Cleo and Dave treat an Asian girl (Linda?) with odd markings on her back. Cleo thinks it is an internal thing, but Dave recognizes this as a secret Asian coin-flesh-burning thing. The fuh? Anyway Cleo calls social services but Dave plans a different approach.

Robin Scorpio loses the baby, and Carter tells her what vacant boyfriend did. Robin seems sad, but doesn't know if she'll press charges.

Dear lord another court scene. Maggie testifies on her own behalf. She minimizes her pill popping and shoplifting. It comes up that she's attempted suicide 2 other times. It doesn't seem to matter what Maggie does now or did then, the judge and lawyers look uninterested in the proceedings. Abby looks more and more crushed and frustrated.

Dave is smart, OK?

Dave tries to talk to Linda's grandmother about the evil "coining." The grandmother only speaks Cantonese and Malucci calls for a translator. Across the room, Tom and Tom visit Mr. Ferris. Benton introduces Reese to the Chumpy Old Men. Mr. C.-Tom reminds us about Benton's condom aversion. Damn: An AIDS scare with Jeaniean unexpected pregnancy with Carla and blowing up condoms in school. I guess Peter just doesn't want to wrap his rascal.

Cleo finds out Linda's labs are fine. Tom Poston makes his way across the room and low and behold he knows Cantonese! He tells Dave that Asian Granny found out Linda just does it for the nookie, so granny took red -hot coins to her. Hey, everybody knows that nothing cures the hornay teen like scalding metal to the back.

Cranky LOL heads out of the hospital even though Kerry insists that she needs medical attention. Cranky LOL grumps some more about hating hospitals because they smell. I'm sure LOL smells like jasmine and honeysuckle herself, but Kerry still tries to convince her to stay. Kerry tries to get a psych consult again, nudge nudge. Alas, Cranky LOL knows nothing about Weaver's psych consult fetish, and insists on leaving. Cranky LOL gives Weaver, Mr. Whiskers, a cat puppet from her show. Kerry seems touched but tries to refuse the pussy puppet. Cranky LOL reminds us that her time is running out and she knows Kerry can appreciate Mr. Whiskers. So she leaves muttering about everyday coming with its own surprises. Kerry looks pensive as she pets her puppet.

In the courtroom, Judge Moody releases Maggie on her own recognizance just like that. Abby protests, but nobody in the court cares as Abby laments about 30 years worth of woes with Maggie. She yells to Maggie that maybe next time she'll do it right and only the coroner will have to deal with it. Maggie looks sad and sorry as Luka escorts Gabby Abby out of the courtroom.

Benton and Cleo discuss Linda, and that seemingly there are no internal problems with her. Cleo volunteers to care for Reese as long as Peter takes care of his wrist. Cleo plays nice with Reese, and Benton thanks Cleo for her offer. The scene plays rather sweetly, as Cleo, Benton and Reese look like a happy family.

Although Randi thinks it looks like road kill and Dave would peddle the pussy puppet on ebay if he could, Kerry sure covets her Mr. Whiskers. Cleo's panties bunch up when she realizes Dave's assessment of Linda proves right on. Dave teases Cleo about a goombah, such as he, outsmarting a pediatrician and surgeon such as she. Good Dave Hunting assures Cleo she's not the first to be tricked by his good looks and charm.

Winding down

Next we hear Kim's voice, as she reads from a form that Maggie must sign upon release. Legaspi sounds aloof and matter of fact-ish as she explains to Maggie that her actions go against doctor's recommendations. Maggie inquires about her meds as Abby approaches and looks on. Kim agrees to dispense only 3 days worth and insists that Maggie see her on Monday. Maggie meekly agrees and Kim sternly prompts her to verbally commit to this plan. Kim can work it. Maggie asks if she can call Kim. Dudes, Maggie hits on Kim. No, not really, but Kim tells her that she is welcome to call her at 1-900-LEZBN anytime, just to talk. Kim exits to leave Abby and her mom alone. I watch this scene several times for its poignant moments. The majestic ass shot of Kim as she walks away has nothing to do with it. Absolutely nothing. Nope.

Abby brings Maggie some of her things, and Maggie says she is going to a shelter that Legaspi told her about. Abby wishes her luck and she calls her "Maggie" instead of "Mom." Abby says good-bye until next time. Maggie tries to convince Abby maybe there won't be a next time. An unraveling Abby tells her that she is sure there will be a next time and Abby will always come to her rescue, because Maggie will always have that power. Abby walks away saying, "I love you mom" Maura Tierney and Sally Field nail this dialogue right on. This scene makes me want to call my mother.

Carter calls the cops on vacant boyfriend and asks Chen what happened to the binary numbers guy. Chen can't find him or the mysterious Dr., Darryl McQuade that he left with. This scene serves no purpose other than to allow Chen to joke all saucy about having a bad day and hitting a bar to find a stranger to drink and fornicate with.

Kerry can't find her pussy puppet. Randi reminds Weaver that Possum is still in an exam room. Kerry enters the room as Possum enters Mr. Whiskers. Kerry looks like a kid who walks in on her parents doing it.

Peter and Ferris reminisce about school daze. Haven't we heard this before? Yeah Ferris sparked Peter's interest in medicine. Exploding condoms, right? Hmm hmmm. The sound on my tape fades out in this scene, but if I remember correctly, Peter talks about his and satisfaction in being a father and being a surgeon. Ferris reminds him about teaching as well. It only takes caring to be a good teacher, and Peter smiles for the 4th time in ER history.

Kerry finds Kim up in the psych ward. Kim sits at a desk in the hallway with one leg up on the chair. Kim has piles of work in front of her. She and Kerry exchange terse greetings. Kerry, trying to be pleasant, mentions she heard Kim was back but hasn't seen her. Kim tells her she spends her day in the jail ward. Don't drop the soap Kim! Kerry says she's glad the charges against Kim were dropped, and Kim explains that Shannon decided to tell the truth after getting the treatment she needed. Kerry pauses and steps forward, The soon to be patented Legaspi-personal-space-meter goes on red alert. Kerry too close. Kerry too close. Kim impatiently asks Weaver, "What do you want Kerry?"
Kerry fidgets and breaks eye contact for a moment. She regains composure and tells Kim, " I thought you might be hungry." Kim emphatically says no, and that she has a lot of work to do. Kerry hangs in there and offers Kim Sum Poon Tang, (OK she says Kung Pao Chicken) from George's. She puts the food down in case Kim changes her mind later. Kim and Kerry engage in a brief, wordless stare down, Kim wins, as Kerry gently retreats.

Abby takes a bath while Luka calls to her. Luka lights candles and prepares sexy napkins like a Croatian Martha Stuart. Abby thanks Luka for everything, and they hug. There is a knock at the door, and Abby thinks it's a food delivery as Luka insists he really cooked. A chick singer croons to us, "I will care for you as long as you want me to," as Abby opens the door to find Maggie standing there. We hear the sound of Luka's falling erection in the distance as mother and daughter lock eyes.

The end.

Until next week. Talk about this recap and anything else at Drop the Chalupa.

P.S. My K/K favorite scene
Well since we only saw one K/K scene in Fear of Commitment I'll choose that one. Actually I liked the scene a great deal anyway. Technically, I like the blocking of the opening moments of the scene, The shot opens with Kerry and Kim as far away as possible in the frame. They move closer together physically as the scene progresses, but at some point, Kim draws the line, and doesn't allow Kerry to close up ALL the space between them, Nice touch. I also like the contrast of the two characters. Kim looks determined not to show Kerry emotions. Kim touches her neck protectively as Kerry approaches. Kerry seems able to give away a bit more about what she feels. She's gentle, and a little hesitant, but she holds her own and makes her peace offering despite Kim's resistance. The standout line of the scene for me: Kerry's "I thought you might be hungry." And Kim's answer, "No. No I'm not." Kim is not ready to talk and Kerry learns it then and there. Kerry doesn't force the issue, but she seems keenly aware of the damage control ahead of her. After the transparent, obvious symbolism in some of Weaver's other scenes. I enjoy the quiet and subtle nature of this scene.

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