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Chalupa Name Explained
For those who wondered where the name of the Board came from -- an excerpt from Mighty Big TV's review of  "Rescue Me."

By the way, Dr. Legaspi's character is referred to as Mitchell because we didn't actually hear the character's name for several episodes AND Elizabeth was already taken.  The scene described below is Kim and Kerry's second "date" but the first meal we've seen them share.

Excerpt from Wing Chun's Review of  Rescue Me:

"At the restaurant, Mitchell is apparently telling a story about a guy -- maybe her dad? Or her brother? It took place nineteen years ago -- who died in front of her. Oh my god, her hair looks so bad. Another patented Chu-HACK shot of them framed in the exact center of the shot, leaning toward each other over the table. Mitchell makes an embarrassed joke about getting them off on a depressing tangent, and reaches over to squeeze Weaver's hand.

Dude, on Buffy, that's X-rated foreplay!

Mitchell observes that it looks like they're going to close the restaurant down. Weaver withdraws her hand a tiny bit too quickly, just as the waiter appears with the bill. They fight over which of them may pay for the meal, and Mitchell wins. Mitchell comments, "You know, this is our second meal together. Some people might consider a second dinner a date." "A date?" chuckles Weaver, feebly. "You do know I'm gay, right?" says Mitchell, and before the line is completely out of her mouth, Weaver's stepping on it: "Of course I do, I mean, I don't have a problem with it. I have gay friends." Oh, dear. Not the "I have ______ friends" line. So hackneyed.

Mitchell looks totally crestfallen, but she tries to hold it together and says, "Oh. Oh, I'm sorry, Kerry, I misread this." Weaver gently apologizes for having given the wrong impression. Mitchell exposits that Weaver's called her down for eight Psych consults in the past week. Yeah -- ouch, right there.

Weaver, you are so busted on your crush. Drop the chalupa. But drop the chalupa she will not:  "We work well together."

Mitchell says that her instincts are usually a lot more reliable, and then it's time for Weaver to trip over her own feet with the disclaimers on how beautiful Mitchell is, and yet, how very straight Weaver is. Mitchell's like, "Okay." Weaver cannot stop herself talking and gets a little choked up but can't think why, and Mitchell's like, "It's really fine," and Weaver breathes, "I guess I never even really considered this." She gazes evenly into Mitchell's eyes.

Another brilliant scene from Laura "Smooth Like Guinness" Innes. "

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