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Actor's Contract information can be found on this page below.

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Contract Information
Last updated on July 21

From GraySails

I realize most of you want to know about Elizabeth Mitchell. All I can tell you is that there will be some movement next week to either finalize or overhaul the previous agreement. What is certain for now is that she has an option to keep her role on on an episode-to-episode basis. In other words, since an official contract could not be notarized while EM was employed at ABC, NBC drafted a document that assured her a spot on ER without finalizing in how many episodes she would appear.

From GS on July 14:

A quick post-by to let you know that lots of info is filtering in about the new season from my two moles. I am trying to sort through it all for you Chalupas so that, as we tried to do it last season, you can safely rely on the information once it is posted.

The consensus between the moles is that Elizabeth Mitchell *will* be part of this season's ER.
From what I have gathered so far, Dr. Legaspi will appear in a somewhat different capacity; I hope to have something more solid -- and confirmed -- for you by the end of the month.


From ER Daily

Goran Visnjic recently re-upped his ER contract for at least another three years, according to the Croatian publication Vercernji List. That article also said that Goran had requested a three-episode absence for the show next fall so that he would have time to make a movie in Croatia with his father-in-law. Still no word on the status of Eriq La Salle, however...

From May 2001

From Hilliard:

Here's the little bit of info. I know...

According to a source who HANDLES ACTORS CONTRACTS at ER, EM did sign a contract (although the terms are loose because she is still under contract from TB - loose means her shooting schedule isn't set in stone since she's still technically under contract in case TB is miraculously picked up). As in she'll be back.

Take that for what it's worth. I know Graysails would chime in with the same if she weren't busy saving the planet and snacking on her GF.

From GraySails

Well, since I'm on a break from snacking...

The info is the same as it has been for a while: EM will be back next season and, as Hillie says, she has signed a contract. As I have said before, the contents and clauses are subject to change largely because of ABC's own contract with La Mitchell. However, ABC has conditionally agreed to release her from it, just as she has requested.

I understand that some of you cannot reconcile this information with the news that EM's publicist has denied a contract of any kind between EM and NBC has been signed, so let me remind you that, since EM is still under contract with ABC, both she and her publicist are barred from publicly acknowledging any other negotiations, ongoing or not.

Thank you to those who took the time to check Hillie and my previous posts to quote us correctly: your efforts to mute the angst are very much appreciated.

Back to snacking!

According to Laura Innes on the Today Show, Laura has signed on for another three years.

For Further Spoilers:

See KimandKerry.com

Last updated on July 25, 2001

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