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Ghost Stories
by Amanda Ghost
Includes the song Silver Lining which plays during Kerry's journey back to Kim's house at the end of Surrender.

Sand and Water
Beth Nielsen Chapman
Includes the title song from the episode where Mark's father dies.   In real life, the singer/songwriter did lose her husband and the father of her child to cancer.

Living Out Loud Soundtrack
Featured in Maggie's Kate and Kerry fan fiction Two for Two, Part 11.

Melissa Etheridge
Recommended by Beautiful Weaver, favorite song, Like the Way I Do.

Dog and the Butterfly
by Heart
Recommended by SweetMamaJane

Eva Cassidy
Recommended by SurfCityWoman

Dusty in Memphis
by Dusty Springfield
Recommended by Skippy

Willing to Wait
by Melissa Ferrick
Recommended by Rowing Goddess

Trouble in Shangri-La
by Stevie Nicks
Recommended by Jersey Girl

Something to Remember Me By
By Ben Lee
Recommended by Jeybird8

Live at Luther College
by Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
Recommended by Meredith

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