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General Spoilers
Updated September 7, 2001

This is the place to find the latest non-dialogue specific spoilers.  The spoilers are broken down by episode.  Click on the links to go to the latest spoilers for that episode or to the Discussion Thread on the Chalupa Board.

Episode 1
Episode 2
Episode 3
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The original sources for these spoilers can be found in the Season 8 General Spoiler Thread on the Board or on the Complete Spoiler page on the web site.  Be warned, the thread also contains unconfirmed rumors.

  Episode 1

General non-K/K Spoilers

Season premiere tentatively titled "Four Corners".
Story recounts the events of one day told from four different perspectives.
The Four Corners are Mark, Peter, Kerry and Carter.
Episode One takes place approximately three weeks after Rampage, the Season 7 finale.

Kerry and Kim Spoilers

Kerry returns from a spontaneous three week trip to Africa.

She appears quite distracted during Mark's M&M presentation.  Romano confronts Kerry on her mood and sudden vacation but the reasons for her distraction are not explained and she dismisses him.

She describes her trip as "interesting."

No sign of Kim in first episode though Haleh comments that Dr. Legaspi took a job in California.

Other Character Spoilers

Elizabeth is back from six week maternity leave.
Mark presents the "Fossen" case at Morbidity and Mortality.
Elizabeth is suspicious of the explanations Mark gives in the case.
Chen is new Chief Resident.
We meet Carter's parents at his grandfather's funeral.
Abby attends the funeral reception.
Peter and Cleo are "taking a break" from their relationship.
Peter's family is still dealing with the loss of Peter's nephew.

  Episode 1 Spoiler Discussion Thread
The first post in this thread will contain the latest spoilers for Episode 1, excluding script spoilers.    

  Episode 2

General non-K/K Spoilers

Episode 2:  "The Longer You Stay"

Someone unexpectedly dies

The ER is overrun with patients after a stampede at a rock concert.

Kerry and Kim Spoilers

Kerry meets again with a familiar face

The familiar face is not Kim or Susan

Kerry's past will resurface

Carter works late and attempts to discuss an attending position with Kerry

Other Character Spoilers

Peter rushes to Mercy after Carla and Reese are involved in a car accident

Carla is killed in the accident.

Luka and Abby have a tense night out.

Mark and Elizabeth find balancing their schedules and an infant harder than expected.

Future Season 8 Spoilers

There will be consequences for Romano's homophobic behavior.

  Episode 2 Spoiler Discussion Thread
The first post in this thread will list the lastest known spoilers for this episode, excluding script spoilers.  
( Under construction ).

Future Season 8 Spoilers

Susan Lewis returns to the ER.
Kim Legaspi will return but in a different capacity.
Mark Greene's daughter will become a recurring character and has to deal with his new family (Elizabeth and baby Ella).
As the Carter family deals with difficulties with his aging paternal grandmother, expect Carter and his kin to overcome old wounds.
Sally Field will not return.
Nurses may get new outfits.
Abby will "lighten up" this season.

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